2 Creative Halloween Ideas to Promote Reusable Bags

2 Creative Halloween Ideas to Promote Reusable Bags

October 23, 2017

If your grocery store has recently made the switch to reusable grocery bags -- congrats! You made an excellent decision that will surely help the environment in many ways. Unfortunately, people don't like change too much and they might still choose to get all their grocery shopping done with plastic bags. 

On average, plastic grocery bags are only used for 25 minutes and then they are discarded (improperly) and end up in landfills and bodies of water, further polluting the country and the world. It's up to you and your staff to encourage your customers to join you in the switch to reusable bags. 

People love Halloween, so consider using fun Halloween-themed ways to encourage your customers to hop on board with your plan to switch to reusable options. Here are a few ways to incorporate Halloween into your plan to promote reusable grocery bags: 

Host a 'Decorate Your Bag' Contest

Encouraging your customers (and their children) to decorate plain reusable bags this year instead of pumpkins is an amazingly creative way to spread awareness about your switch. Everyone who regularly visits your store can pick up a few reusable grocery bags that they can take home and decorate throughout the month. Whoever has the spookiest, most creative, or best Halloween-themed reusable bag wins some kind of prize. It's not really about the prize though, because as long as your customers are having fun and using this new kind of bag, they will likely be on board with ditching plastic and making the switch. 

Host a 'Reusable Bag Costume' Contest

You don't have to stop at just encouraging your customers to decorate their bags. Have a giant costume party as Halloween approaches and invite everyone in the community. By giving out reusable grocery bags throughout the month and encouraging shoppers to make their own costumes out of reusable bags, everyone will have a blast and learn more about the benefits of reusable grocery bags. Plus, the entire community will have fun as they come together and vote on the best costume. 

Try not to just force your customers to make such a big change in their grocery habits -- use Halloween to have a little fun and promote reusable grocery bags. To check out some great reusable bag options, contact Holden Bags today.