Benefits of Custom Reusable Tote Bags


Customized reusable tote bags holding groceries

Many people in today’s society are becoming increasingly more eco-friendly and sustainably aware. From trying to reduce the amount of disposable containers they use to recycling and repurposing certain items for other uses, people are making an effort to reduce their carbon footprint and overall help the environment.

One very common way to accomplish this is by using reusable tote bags. Custom reusable bags are extremely versatile products. They help reduce the amount of plastic waste and at the same time offer functionality and utility.

On your next trip to the grocery store, take a look around when you’re at the checkout line. You’ll see countless individuals skipping the plastic bags and instead packing their items in their own reusable bags that they brought from home.

Custom reusable tote bags fulfill the functional need to easily carry items and products around which is something people need many times per week, if not every single day. These custom totes present the perfect opportunity to market your company and promote brand recognition.

Brand & Business Promotion

You have probably noticed that almost all of these reusable bags aren’t blank. They are typically imprinted with a company’s brand name and image. 

The reason for this is it is essentially free advertising space, and as a business or organization, it’s important to remain in the minds of your target market, allowing them to easily recall your brand the instant they need your products or services. 

Custom printed totes act as small billboard of sorts displayed around busy shopping centers, grocery stores, and more as your loyal customers walk around. With high quality reusable shopping bags like the ones from Holden Bags, you can print anything you want on your bags. From high quality full color images to simple prominent text and a phone number, the possible designs for your business’s custom totes are endless.

Whether you give or sell these custom reusable bags to your environmentally-conscious customers on your e-commerce site as an accessory or across a chain of stores, custom reusable tote bags are an ideal way to spread awareness of your brand.

Even on a local scale, a custom reusable tote can be handed out at a local trade show or chamber of commerce meeting, or better yet, sold at a storefront. When they use your personalized reusable bags, your market will keep you in mind the next time they have a need for what your organization has to offer.


Custom promotional tote bags from Holden Bags are fully customizable so you can best represent your brand in a way that fits your goals as well as your budget. We have hundreds of types of bags which you can choose from. From our classic big grocery store bags to our unique six-bottle wine bags, we have the reusable bags to fit a number of diverse applications. 

After selecting your perfect reusable bag, the fun part begins. Our personalization process is intuitive and simple. You have tons of color and printing options to satisfy even the most discerning customers. You can even imprint your own company logo or graphic to your promotional reusable bags by uploading an image file (like .SVG, .PNG, or .JPG) that you have already, ensuring cohesive logos on all of your different marketing channels. For more information about image formats we support, visit our Artwork Preferences page.

With all of the personalization options we provide, the possibilities are virtually limitless and your organization can truly make custom reusable bags that stand out above the rest.

Utility & Sustainability

While your clients are toting around your brand on their bags helping your spread awareness of your brand, what do they get in return? They get a means of effortlessly carrying anything they can fit inside to wherever they want to take it. From the obvious reusable grocery bag to a nifty bag to carry a laptop in, your custom promo bags will help your clients every step of the way. Not just one time either – they can do this over and over to their heart’s content.

Holden Bags offers unmatched durability and reliability in our custom printed bags. Our reusable shopping bags are made with your company’s reputation and your clients in mind. Each type of bag is made with the best features that ensure functionality, practicality, and longevity. Whether you are looking for a promotional tote with reinforced handles, insulation, dividers, a large carrying capacity, and much more, we have the right selection for your needs.

Reusable totes help cut down on the amount of plastic bag usage, a topic on the forefront of environmental concerns and in everyone’s thoughts these days. Many of the custom reusable bags from Holden Bags are also crafted from materials that can be recycled or are biodegradable, such as canvas, paper, and eco-friendly plastics. Your clients will love their new, sturdy reusable bag that has been professionally designed and imprinted with your company logo.

Create Custom Bags Today

Now is the time to jumpstart your company’s outreach by providing people with a little extra something to remember your brand.

Don’t let your competition capitalize on this opportunity and take away your market share. Be the first in your industry or your area to provide your valuable clients a simple, reliable way to carry their necessities or purchases. 

Holden Bags has proudly helped organizations and companies for over 30 years achieve their promotional product goals with high quality custom reusable bags. If you’re looking to offer new or existing clients a thank you gift or just an easy way to carry products around while promoting your brand, custom printed reusable tote bags from Holden Bags are second to none. 

Contact us today to speak with a Holden Bags representative with any questions you may have about our reusable custom bags, process, pricing, or company and we will be more than happy to assist you with everything you need. 

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