3 Major Changes Affecting the Grocery Industry

3 Major Changes Affecting the Grocery Industry

September 11, 2017

Nearly every industry has gone through some revolutionary changes over the last few decades. There is no question we are living in a much different time than prior generations. The grocery industry is no exception, ether. Though the changes (so far) haven’t been too extreme, the way grocery stores do business has certainly evolved in recent years. 

If you’re operating a grocery store, whether it’s a small or a large business, you should be aware of some of the changes going on in the grocery industry. Here are a few of the most important trends in the grocery market. 

Bigger focus on healthier options

Restaurants, grocery stores, and even individual people have placed such a stronger emphasis on healthier food options in recent years. Grocery shoppers are much more concerned with how their food was made and handled than ever before. You don’t have to clear your shelves of every single snack or other unhealthy food, but if you don’t offer a significant amount of healthy foods for your customers, you could experience a drop in business. 

More environmentally conscious business

From reusable grocery bags to custom wine bags, successful grocery stores are getting rid of plastic options and offering much more environmentally friendly bags. Buying reusable bags and wine bags in bulk is a great way to stock your store with quality bags, allowing you to stop offering plastic bags to your customers. A single plastic bag can take up to 1,000 years to break down, negatively impacting the environment for centuries. Don't contribute to these global issues any longer; purchase reusable bags and wine bags in bulk. 

Stronger digital presence

Since grocery chains now have to compete with major national companies like Amazon, social media has become even more important. If people don’t feel personally connected to your store, they will likely not feel comfortable buying their groceries from you. Engaging with your customers online via social media is a great way to both strengthen your brand and retain your loyal customers. Simply posting relevant content on your pages, interacting with your followers, and staying up to date on other industry trends will help your business grow and become much more successful this year. 

As long as you're actively trying to improve your grocery store at all times and are paying attention to popular trends, you should be on the right track for a successful year. If you want to purchase custom wine bags in bulk or other reusable options, contact Holden Bags today.