3 Non-Environmental Reasons To Buy A Reusable Bag

3 Non-Environmental Reasons To Buy A Reusable Bag

December 18, 2017

Did you know that roughly 100,000 turtles, one million birds, and immeasurably many other ocean animals die on a yearly basis due to ingesting plastic? This happens because they confuse bags and fragmented plastic pieces with actual food, like jellyfish and plankton. This is just one of the many sobering facts of the plastic grocery bag industry. The environmental tragedies caused by plastic bags cast a dark shadow on beachside vacations worldwide. Perhaps ironically, as plastic bags are washing ashore there are happy beachgoers carrying the solution with them. 

Insulated bags are wonderful for carrying a chilled bottle of champagne to the beach. They keep your snacks cool and can be reused whenever you next decide to catch some sun. They are also durable, and easy to carry. What else might insulated bags be good for?

Benefits Of Reusable Bags

If you aren't so immediately concerned about the environment, that's okay. There are many other reasons you might want one to use for carrying groceries.

1. Sturdy

If you've ever had a plastic bag rip on you while walking to your door, you know the frustration of the frantic food recovery mission. A reusable bag can take more weight than even the bulkiest plastic bags, and still work the next time. 

2. Comfortable

Do you carry as many plastic bags as you physically can in one trip from the car to your house? Does the plastic get really tight and dig into your skin? This is how most people do it, and even though it doesn't seem like that big of a problem, once you have a soft fabric handle that you can hold onto when carrying the same amount of groceries, you will never want to go back. 

3. Less Mess

How many plastic bags do you have stuffed inside each other in your closet? Hundreds? Billions? Probably more, or at least it seems that way. With a reusable bag, you will be able to clean out a lot of closet space. 

No matter which way you slice it, environmental or practical, reusable bags are simply better. Keep the milk cold in an insulated bag so you don't have to worry about rushing home to put it in the fridge. And when you do get home, it will only take one trip. And you won't cut your hand off while you're doing it. If this sounds good to you, get a reusable bag today.