3 Reason Why Custom Wine Bags Are Best For Your Wine Store

3 Reason Why Custom Wine Bags Are Best For Your Wine Store

June 01, 2017

For many wine retailers, there is a forgone conclusion that the best way to package your customer's purchases is in discreet brown paper bags. But a new trend, spurred by the desire to follow more environmentally friendly practices, has been to offer custom wine bags.

There are a number of reasons why a custom wine tote might be perfect for your business. Here, we'll discuss just a few of them.

Protecting Your Image

If you own a wine store, you know how important branding is to your business. Whether you are a bulk store specializing in affordable wines or a boutique selling high-end and rare bottles, there is a specific image you are trying to cultivate.... and one that you are trying to avoid! Whether or not it is fairly earned, there is a stigma attached to alcohol in the United States. 

 That is why it is important as a wine store to present the best image to your potential customers to help them understand that your business is one of good repute, a place where they can comfortably come to enjoy the art that is fine wine without the consternation of being judged

On of the best things you can do to mitigate this issue it to avoid the brown paper grocery bags that are ubiquitous in lower end liquor stores and instead opt for custom wine bags. 

Whereas the paper bags discretion betrays a certain embarrassment for its content, a tasteful and artistic bag shows confidence and refinement.

Going Green

Paper bags are by and large one of the most damaging products for forests. That is because the bulk of paper comes from tree pulp. In the case of wine stores, this effect can be even further felt thanks to the delicate nature of the bottles being cradled inside, leading to more bags being needed.

Typically, any order of seven or more bottles of wine can be placed in a discarded case for safe keeping, but since the majority of purchases will be fewer than six bottles, then you will primarily need to use bags. 

Using wine totes especially designed for orders of six bottles or less will greatly help you cut back on the environmental impact of your business


One of the best side effects of using custom wine bags is the passive marketing they allow. Whether your customers carry their bag down the crowded street or repurpose it for their own uses, you are getting the name of your business out into the world.

Those increased impressions will help your business connect with new clients more than any active marketing campaign would. 

The right choice of bagging will not make or break your business, but it can help elevate your image, reduce your environmental impact, and broaden the reach of your brand. And that's not too shabby.