3 Tips to Strengthen the Relationship With Your Grocery Customers

3 Tips to Strengthen the Relationship With Your Grocery Customers

September 18, 2017

Although you have to make sure that your products are high quality, to really ensure running a successful grocery store, you have to build strong relationships with your customers. Here are a few excellent tips that will help improve the relationship with your customers, subsequently strengthening your grocery store’s brand. 

Purchase reusable bags in bulk

Buying reusable bags in bulk can actually improve the relationship with your customers over time. It doesn’t sound like it would have that much impact on your business, but it absolutely will as the world shifts to a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, which has been collecting plastic bag data for more than a decade, only 2% of all plastic bags are recycled in the United States. Rather than pushing these harmful plastic bags on your customers, who may or may not be extremely environmentally conscious themselves, consider buying reusable bags in bulk. One of the (many) benefits of reusable bags is that they won’t just end up polluting landfills, but rather will be able to be used and reused for much longer. Your customers will certainly appreciate you even trying to better the world and your relationship will improve as a result. 

Talk to your customers

Far too many businesses (in every industry) worry too much about how their customers feel without actually asking them. There are so many ways to talk to your customers and you will be able to use all the information you gather to improve your store and strengthen your relationships. Simply ask your employees to talk to each customer they interact with about how to better their overall experience. You can also send each customer home with a brief survey or ask them to email your organization with any ideas or experiences they want to share. 

Hire a competent security staff

Even if there has never been any dangerous activity at your store, it's still best to have a quality team of security professionals onsite. You only need one or two guards to oversee everything and your customers will appreciate it. Everyone who walks into your establishment will feel much more protected when security guards are on-site. Keeping your employees, customers, and building safe will be well worth it -- and your customers will thank you. 

Never stop trying to improve your store or the relationship with your customers. If you want to learn more about the benefits of reusable grocery bags, or how to improve your grocery operation, contact Holden Bags today.