3 Ways To Upcycle Your Old Reusable Tote Bag

3 Ways To Upcycle Your Old Reusable Tote Bag

November 30, 2018

The benefits of reusable bags are seemingly endless, but when a bag eventually tears or the handle breaks, your customers might be inclined to throw them away. 

That's when you can tell them to hold their horses! If you're worried about your customers trashing their old reusable bags, here are some ways you can recommend upcycling.  

Use it to grow vine fruits and veggies

This works better for use outside, but your custom tote bags can double as a vessel to grow your favorite foods. If you lack the garden space but want to get dirty, try filling your bag with dirt and cutting a small slit in the bottom in order to insert the tomato plant's roots. As such, the tomatoes will hang down, creating a fun home feature while keeping your plants away from pesky grubs on the ground. If you opt for this creative decision, however, be sure to frequently water your vine plant! Even if you use good soil, it's likely the dirt in the reusable grocery bag will become drier more quickly.  

Use it for storage

With autumn on the way, it's time to start the semi-annual tradition of shoving your sandals to the back of the closet. If your old custom tote bags have a tear, don't throw them away; instead, shove your slightly dirty sandals and flats into the bag to prevent your shoes from getting lost or cluttered.  

You can also use totes to store old school supplies you don't need or as a place to keep your pet toys together. It has the rigidity to stay upright and because it's old, you won't feel bad about getting it a little dirty. For storage options, your reusable tote bag works for virtually everything.  

Use it as an at-home first aid kit

Transportable first aid kits are great because they're compact enough to fit in your car. However, athletes, elderly individuals, and those with chronic conditions may have a few more important health products to carry.  

Upcycle your reusable grocery bag by keeping your important medical products in one place. This might include a knee brace, a cane, and anything else that wouldn't be used on a regular basis. This will make your materials easy to find and organized for when you really need them.

The benefits of using reusable grocery bags extend far past the life of the bag. Whether you use them for storage, emergencies, or gardening, your reusable bag can last for a lifetime. In fact, one person can remove 22,000 plastic bags by using reusable custom tote bags instead over the course of their life. For the best in custom insulated bags and totes, visit Holden Bags online today.