4 Benefits of Reusable Bags

4 Benefits of Reusable Bags

May 07, 2018

Did you know that plastic bags compose over 10% of all washed-up coastline debris that pollutes the United States? It isn't all that surprising given the number of products buy in stores across the country. It also might not surprise you when you encounter a store that charges you extra for a plastic bag in an attempt to make the world a greener place. This is where the benefits of reusable bags come in. In order to stop pollution from plastic grocery bags, consumers everywhere need to be educated on the comparative benefits of reusable bags. Here are a few of those benefits. 

1. Reduce Pollution

Pollution not only makes our coastline look ugly, it kills wildlife as well. Destabilizing harmonious ecosystems does damage to both the animals within said ecosystem and to humans that rely on the sustenance of the wildlife that lives there. 

2. Recycle Old Plastic

Most custom reusable bags are made from recycled products mixed with renewable resources found in nature. This makes reusable bags better for the environment and for sustainability in the long run.

3. Endure Extended Use

Even though these bags are typically sustainable in their own right, they are also able to be used for much longer than the lifespan of a plastic bag. This means that they will remain in use longer, requiring a smaller carbon footprint from manufacturers. 

4. Carry Groceries Efficiently

If you've ever attempted to carry all of your plastic grocery bags from the car to your fridge in one trip, you know how much the plastic can dig into your skin. This is incredibly uncomfortable, bordering on painful, but with reusable bags, you won't have to worry about this. They are more ergonomically designed and larger than traditional shopping bags, making the walk from the car a less stressful prospect. 

Buying reusable shopping bags is one of the best ways you can personally reduce the impact of plastic pollution in the oceans. It will take time and effort to establish reusable bags as the societal norm, but when it happens, there will be very positive environmental changes that follow. As always, stay green, shop smart, and keep the environment in mind when buying groceries.