4 Fun Promotional Items for Dental Offices

4 Fun Promotional Items for Dental Offices

April 02, 2024


Make visits to your dental office memorable and more enjoyable with branded home dental kits! Handing out promotional goodies is an effective marketing strategy that keeps your dentistry’s name in your clients’ minds well after an appointment. They also guarantee your clients leave with a bigger, brighter smile!

Home dental kits packed in custom, branded bags are practical and constant reminders of your dedication to your clients’ dental health. This thoughtful giveaway makes dental care convenient for your patients, whether they’re at home or on the go. Elevate client experiences and promote your dental office with customized dental goody bags filled with additional fun promotional items.

1. Custom Toothbrushes


Remind your patients of your care and expertise daily, morning and night, with a custom toothbrush. Toothbrushes embody your business, encouraging dental hygiene and combating poor oral health. Adding your dental office’s logo and contact details onto toothbrushes keeps your practice in patients’ minds every time they brush. Custom toothbrushes are great promotional items to include in your dental kits, as your clients will surely put them to good use.


2. Picks and Floss


Turn a tedious nightly chore into a fun routine! Custom-branded floss and floss picks promote good dental hygiene and keep your office’s name in plain sight. You can customize floss and picks in many ways, from bright colors to funky shapes. A tooth-shaped floss container reminds your patients of the importance of flossing for dental hygiene. It also appeals to kids with its fun, familiar shape.


For more effective promotional marketing, design your picks and floss to match your dental kits branded bags or vice versa. At Holden Bags, you can order wholesale plastic bags with your logo, brand image, or message. Using the same designs for your bags and promotional goodies strengthens your brand image and guarantees your business remains memorable.


3. Lip Balm


Lip balms are the perfect, pocket-sized promotional items your patients will love and use daily. They are especially useful in dry, cold months. The tube of lip balm can be a gentle reminder of your office’s care and dedication to comfort as it soothes chapped lips. Along with adding your logo and contact info on the packing, you can customize your lip balms with multiple flavors and SPF levels


4. Mini Mouthwash and Toothpaste


Elevate your patient’s on-the-go dental routine with mini mouthwash and toothpaste. These travel-sized treasures are practical and make your dental kits travel-friendly. They also allow your clients to promote your dentistry wherever they go!


With customized plastic bags as the face of your dental kit and carrier, you and your clients won’t worry about spills. Plastic bags are easy to clean and contain any and all leaks, further enhancing your dental kits’ portability.


Dental kits show you care beyond the chair while keeping your brand literally in your patients’ hands. Incorporating fun and functional promotional items into your dental practice’s take-home kits enhances patient satisfaction and loyalty. Watch your brand’s visibility and patient base grow with dental kits featuring customized bags from Holden!