5 Interesting Ways to Repurpose That Reusable Wine Tote

5 Interesting Ways to Repurpose That Reusable Wine Tote

May 01, 2017

Are you a wine aficionado? If so, there's a chance that you have a couple different wine totes in your home. Have you ever asked yourself what to do with all these bags? Lucky for you, we always have bulk wine bags in stock, and so we have a few expert ideas on re-purposing. 

Keep all your cords organized

We have all been there: sorting through a tangled web of phone chargers, plugs, and cords that don't seem to end. So to keep them all in check, use your wine bag's different pouches to store all your cords and cables. You can even go one step further and have each pouch correlate with each room they go in. Don't forget power strips as well; they're perfectly sized for most wine totes.

Bring your cleaning materials with you

Do you ever have frustrations cleaning the house as you lug around bulky and heavy cleaning supplies? No need to worry when you have a couple used wine bags on hand; simply put a bottle of all-purpose cleaner, a few rags, and some sponges in your tote and you'll have an on-the-go tote that you can bring with you as you clean.

Organize your tools

Looking to save space in your garage? Grab a few of the wine totes and organize your tools by type in each bag. These are great especially if you have a variety of different sizes of tools. Plus, the totes make it easy to grab your gear and get to work instead of rummaging through multiple messy tool boxes.

Pack clothes

Going on vacation with small children? These reusable bags can act as an impromptu diaper bag or a kid-sized weekender bag. For the latter option, this is a fantastic way to pack all their little outfits -- all you need to do is roll all their underwear, shirts, and pants together. Even better, rolling clothes is a great way to avoid wrinkles when you travel. You can even use these bags to pack your shoes. Simply place them in the bag, then place the bag in the suitcase so you can prevent soiling your other clothes.

Prepare a picnic

You can put each course, including beverages, in a separate compartment! Just grab a blanket, a bag of ice, and you won't need that bulky picnic basket or clunky cooler.

The next time you find yourself with an extra wine tote hanging around, consider using it for these many different purposes! Considering that a plastic bag can take from 15 to 1,000 years to break down depending on the environmental conditions, it's important to start re-using our extra bags whenever possible!

And if you're looking for reusable totes and wine bags in bulk, get in touch with our team at Holden Bags any time.