5 Reasons Wineries Should Use Reusable Wine Bags

5 Reasons Wineries Should Use Reusable Wine Bags

April 02, 2018

The liquor industry uses far too many paper bags every year. While trees are a renewable resource, deforestation goes beyond simply cutting down trees. It destroys entire ecosystems. Since most paper comes from tree pulp, roughly 14 million trees were cut in 1999 to produce 10 billion paper grocery bags used by Americans alone, and the numbers have stayed about the same every year since then. Switching to a reusable, renewable way to carry groceries and liquor is one of the most important ways the average person can help the environment. 

One part of the alcohol industry that uses a lot of paper bags is the wineries. Wine tasting in northern California brings a lot of out of state revenue every year. If you own a winery and vineyard, you might consider buying bulk wine totes to send home with your customer. Here are a few reasons why. 

  1. Classy - The old brown paper bag has a distinct lack of class. It brings to mind imagery of the alcoholic, the homeless person down on their luck, and the wastefulness of the industrial world. Buying bulk wine totes to sell or give away with your wine suggests your winery is a cut above the rest. 
  2. Environmentally Friendly - Deforestation, as you already know, is an ever-escalating global issue. We can always plant more trees to cut down, but we can't replace the natural lives lost due to habitat destruction. 
  3. Promotional - Custom wine bags give you the opportunity to place brand imagery on your classy alternative to paper. Take this as a very inexpensive marketing initiative.
  4. Proof of Authenticity - Although it isn't the biggest problem in America, the wine industry is notorious for counterfeit bottles. If you sell every bottle with its own certified wine tote, you will have no problem proving its authenticity. 
  5. Popular - The best reason to buy bulk wine totes for your winery is that they are fashionable. People want to make a difference, and reusable bags are very much catching on. 

If you own a winery and are looking for a trendy way to boost business, consider buying bulk wine bags. Not only will you be contributing to a positive cultural trend, but you'll profit at the same time.