5 Sustainability Issues the World Faces Today

5 Sustainability Issues the World Faces Today

June 11, 2018

As we already know, the earth is facing environmental changes and destruction due to human overconsumption. The consequences can be dire. For example, plastic grocery bags in a landfill can take upwards of 1,000 years to degrade. This is because they don't biodegrade, they photodegrade. Grocery bags break down into smaller toxic pieces and typically end up in the oceans causing dangerous bioaccumulation in the food chain. Still, we face more immediate problems from sustainability. Here are a few examples of industries we will no longer be able to sustain at our current consumption rates. 

1. Plastics

Plastic is a petroleum product. Since oil is a dwindling natural resource, we need to take measures to ensure we don't rely on it for everything. Yet we do. One step we can take to prevent over-consumption of plastics is incentivizing people and businesses to see the benefits of reusable bags. The benefits of using reusable grocery bags are numerous, but the most important reason to do so is the fact that they are sustainable and renewable. 

2. Energy

Another important sustainability issue is the global dependence on fossil fuel for our energy consumption. We are running out of oil, this is not in dispute. We need more sustainable sources of energy to compensate. 

3. Food

The agricultural industry is always inventive. While we can always grow new crops, there are some major inefficiencies in the way we cultivate livestock and consume meat. With the constantly growing global population, we can't ignore this issue. 

4. Waste Disposal

Eventually, we will run out of room for our garbage. What then? Just like we have finite fuel resources, we also have finite space to place waste products. 

5. Deforestation

Trees are certainly renewable resources, however, they might not be sustainable at our current rate of consumption. We cut down an alarming number of trees every day, and while replacing them is an option, it isn't always done at an equivalent rate. 

There are many issues with our current level of environmental sustainability. The solution starts with small efforts like using reusable bags and not buying bottled water. Start today and be the change you want to sustain in the world.