Are Plastic Bag Bans or Taxes the Best Environmental Solution?

June 24, 2013
Grocery BagsWhile city council members all across the U.S. debate ending the use of plastic bags, how to do it best remains a sticking point. Should cities ban plastic bags outright, or start with a voluntary tax to help deter people off these bags that pollute the ecosystem so violently? In both cases, the problem is solved by introducing reusable grocery bags. The questions are complicated, but simple answers offer a solution in most cases. This first thing to remember is how well bans and taxes work. In 2002, Ireland implemented a tax on plastic bags which led to usage being dropped to 90 percent in weeks. Washington, D.C.’s strategy, putting a cost of five cents on plastic bags, worked wonders in the nation’s capital. Soon enough, residents all over town were using go green grocery bags. Usage dropped from over 22 million plastic bags to less than 3 million per month. In other words, it looks like people don’t mind using eco-friendly reusable shopping bags in the slightest. In cities where bans are not in place (e.g. New York and Chicago), you’ll find residents who want to be green putting a personal ban on plastic bags. They have reusable grocery bags for produce, others for meats, and larger bags to carry big hauls home. As a result, some business owners don’t have to buy and stock as many plastic bags anymore. Stores like Whole Foods give customers discounts for bringing their own backs (a backwards tax). The creative ones are designing go green grocery bags displaying their logos and handing them out (or selling them at cost) to loyal customers. Commissioning your own eco-friendly reusable shopping bags is smart as this movement picks up steam. You’ll see your company’s name all over town on your green bags, giving your brand instant exposure for all the right reasons. Companies in every industry are touting their commitment to the environment these days. Business owners know it’s good for the environment, and also good for business. Pick up go green grocery bags and help the movement get off the ground. Whether politicians decide a tax or a ban is the best idea, you’ll be way ahead of the curve. For the best eco-friendly reusable shopping bags please visit today!