Are Wholesale Tote Bags the Answer to Plastic Bag Pollution?

February 05, 2014
They say the plastic bag is our modern-day tumbleweed. No matter where you go in your daily travels, you’ll find plastic bags zipping by you, getting stuck under your feet or clogging the gutter. The widespread littering and pollution you see has prompted many communities to ban plastic bags. Are wholesale tote bags the answer to this problem? Though you can’t say replacing single-use bags with reusable bags at checkout counters will eliminate pollution, it would undoubtedly make a difference. By carrying two reusable bags to the store, you can save yourself between four and eight plastic bags for a small load of groceries. For two people during the course of a week, that would save as many as 20 bags. In just one year, that’s 1,000 bags – which makes it less likely you’ll have to see them on your local beach or blowing down your street. If one person or couple can save 1,000 bags in a year, imagine what a city the size of New York or Chicago could do. Estimates vary, but some quick math reveals the number is in the billions if New York could do away with single-use plastic bags altogether. You already see reusable grocery bags on people’s shoulders all across the Big Apple with wildly popular stores such as Whole Foods banning plastic bags. Walk into any Whole Foods, and you’ll see countless customers carrying their reusable totes bearing the Whole Foods logo. While you can’t say offering wholesale tote bags to the community would solve the problem overnight, it’s an excellent place to start. As soon as reusable bags appear consumers realize they have a green alternative to wasteful plastic bags, which in turn attracts them to the business where these bags are used and sold. Instead of watching plastic bags litter the streets and pollute the local waters, join the movement by ordering wholesale reusable grocery bags, and have your company name and logo printed on the side, and help to be the force behind this life-changing movement. For more information or to get a quote please visit or contact us at 800.255.0885.