Banning Plastic Bags Across Country

October 19, 2012

With the movement of using reusable tote bags is picking up steam across California and the world, it seems like only a matter of time before the U.S. as a whole follows suit. Is there an argument in favor of keeping single-use plastic bags as a staple of everyday life? Considering the disastrous effects on the environment and the money wasted in city trash collection and recycling efforts for plastic bags, few arguments sound valid for continuing the use of plastic bags.

Los Angeles County’s plastic bag ban represented a giant step forward in supplanting plastic bags with eco-friendly grocery bags across the country. However, Los Angeles is one of twenty-five cities across California currently with bans in place. San Luis Obispo County (with seven cities in action) Monterey, Sunnyvale and San Francisco are all on board, while north of Seattle and the state of Washington as a whole are making news with efforts to ban plastic bags completely.

It only takes a quick look at the situation to understand why this change is urgently needed. Marine life is being destroyed in oceans around the world by the harmful effects of plastics. Whether it is the mass of plastic floating around the Pacific Ocean or the effect on individual elements of the food chain, the damage is irrevocable and getting worse. There is a limit to how much damage the environment can tolerate.


Custom reusable shopping bags make it easy to reverse this trend. Instead of using a bag once before it breaks or is thrown into the garbage, eco-friendly grocery bags can be used for a very long time. They will become a part of your routine, since they can be used for a variety of purposes. These affordable alternatives are super durable and useful in any situation.

Businesses such as grocery stores, wine stores and drug stores get a great deal of free advertising when they introduce their customized reusable shopping bags to their customers. If your company is worried about the upfront cost, think of the great deal of money you will save by not buying any more plastic bags- an excellent investment all around.

Eco-friendly grocery bags allow cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles to put these bans into effect without disturbing any of the daily activities. When you need something from the store, you simply grab a bag and go. Stores will often offer discounts to encourage the use of reusable bags – or charge for paper replacements – so there is an extra incentive in becoming environmentally conscious. Businesses looking for a supplier of reusable bags need look no further. Holden Bags is the #1 provider of quality wholesale eco-friendly shopping bags in the country.