Boston Suburb’s Plastic Bag Ban Begins as East Coast Gets Involved

December 12, 2013
The ban on plastic bags continues to make its debut across many cities in the U.S, and East Coast cities are getting on board in a big way. The Boston suburb of Brookline began a ban on both plastic bags and plastic foam containers at the start of December, signaling major changes ahead for the region. Store owners in Brookline are already ordering wholesale reusable shopping bags to comply with the law and help customers avoid using paper substitutes. Overall, Brookline’s solution to ban plastic bags while allowing paper bags to remain is imperfect, as paper options remain. However, every effort to reduce the flow of single-use bags usually leads to improvements in environmental policy. Once you begin thinking about using alternatives to plastics, you begin to consider the impact that your choices have on the environment. It’s the path to environmental enlightenment. In the case of a plastic bag and plastic foam container ban, there are many positives to celebrate. Plastic foam has been linked to the spread of cancer, causing scientists to label it a carcinogen. Removing these containers (which can’t be recycled) along with plastic bags (which are rarely recycled) means Brookline, Massachusetts, will have a more environmentally friendly community. Store owners in Brookline who order wholesale reusable shopping bags for their customers will prevent wasteful plastic bags from causing a great deal of harm to mother nature. Once Brookline’s ban settles in, it’s only a matter of time before nearby Boston follows suit. Massachusetts politicians have already introduced legislation that would ban plastic bags throughout the entire state. New York City, the biggest user of plastic bags nationwide, has legislation stalled in its City Council now, but it’s only a matter of time before plastic bags become a thing of the past in these states. Already, you can see countless shoppers on the east coast carrying eco-friendly bags to replace wasteful single-use bags. Store owners who want to start a great promotion can order wholesale reusable shopping bags to make shoppers aware of the fight and support the cause. When the environment is victimized without reason, the entire community loses. Brookline sets a great example for the East Coast and the rest of the country. For more information about Holden Bags please visit or contact us at 800.255.0885 with any questions.