Building a Safer Tomorrow by Investing in Eco-Friendly Reusable Bags Today

October 08, 2012
With pollution damaging the environment and landfills overloaded with trash, every measure we can take on behalf of our planet should be considered. The plastic bag ban now in effect in several cities across California – and in the Pacific Northwest – is encouraging for numerous reasons. It is estimated that only 5% of all plastic bags circulating get recycled – a disturbing figure no matter how you look at it. With the trend in reusable shopping bags finally taking hold, it looks like the pattern of never-ending waste will soon end. What is so bad about plastic bags? While there are plenty of issues to take up with plastic bags, the worst thing of all is the fact that they do not biodegrade. Every time someone gets a bag in a store – for a soda, a few candy bars, a roll of paper towels – that bag becomes waste in the environment forever. When considering this fact, it is hard to argue against banning plastic bags nationwide. After all, China has done it, so why can’t we? Reusable shopping bags make sense because they end the mindless waste of plastic and cut down drastically on the amount of plastic ending up in landfills for eternity. Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t end with the buildup of waste across the planet. Animals die everyday when they accidentally eat plastic bags, while fish and turtles suffer the same fate on land and in the sea. The ecosystem is being ravaged by plastic as it ends up in places nature never intended. The go green bags you are seeing around different cities in the U.S. represent a change in the dynamic. As soon as you think about the consequences of using plastic for a quick trip to the store, it is clear why this habit must change. Eco-friendly grocery bags can help build a safer tomorrow by cutting down our waste today. Businesses investing in these wholesale go green bags can spread the word about saving the planet. It will be clear every time one of your customers goes to the store with a reusable bag. There are different sizes and styles categorized at from which business can choose from. When your customers tote a green bag with your logo on it all over town, your business will get plenty of free advertising and a lot of good press. After all, now that L.A. has put a ban on plastic bags into effect, eco-friendly grocery bags will be seen going in and out of every store. Human beings have done significant damage to the environment over time, but the struggle is far from over. We have the chance to make a positive impact and curtail the amount of waste we produce in something as simple as the type of bags we use at the grocery store. When you combine that good feeling with the knowledge that your business can get more exposure every day of the year, is there any reason not to invest in reusable bags, especially from Holden Bags?