Businesses Owners Lead Community in Shift Away from Plastic Bags

November 28, 2013
When you hear about business practices destroying the environment, it can sound as if every company is contributing to a broken planet. However, that’s not the case. Business owners across the United States are standing up for the environment by conserving resources and shifting away from plastic bag use in stores. Custom shopping bags are such an easy way to cut plastic from our lives, and they can serve as a great way to promote your business as well. There’s no longer a debate about how harmful plastic bags are for our world. Not only is our environment and wildlife suffering, but cities like New York can no longer fit the plastic trash in state landfills. Is this the legacy we hope to leave behind? Business owners are leading the change in cities like New York, L.A., and Chicago by providing custom shopping bags for their customers. When you offer reusable shopping bags to shoppers, they immediately see the purpose and how easy the transition really is. This tiny action will make a huge difference once everyone in the community begins to contribute to this helpful cause. Companies who provide wholesale reusable shopping bags make it easy and convenient for the public to get their hands on these environmentally friendly items. Instead of seeing plastic bags blowing down the street, clogging the drains and polluting the beaches and waterways, you see custom shopping bags on the shoulders of citizens who care. Business owners in small bookstores, clothing stores, and grocery stores are picking up wholesale reusable shopping bags to promote the cause. You’ll see the names of these businesses all over town as shoppers reuse the bags over and over. In that respect, ordering custom shopping bags works as a promotion for your brand as well as an environmental effort. With that in mind only one question remains: What design would you like on your eco-friendly reusable bags? For more information about our premium eco-friendly reusable shopping bags please visit or contact us at 800.255.0855.