California Assembly Moves to Ban Plastic Bags Statewide

May 21, 2014
There have been attempts to ban plastic bags across California in the past, but a new twist to a bill in the state assembly may be the element that finally wins the day against single-use plastic bags. Committee members advanced a proposal that would in effect ban plastic grocery bags throughout California. Instead of dealing with plastic bag lobby interference, the state will provide incentives for companies to switch to production of reusable wholesale grocery bags, eliminating any argument that the bill “kills jobs.” Every time a lawmaker in some town or state across America brings up the harm of plastic bags and moves to limit or ban them, companies manufacturing the bags mount a campaign describing how the ban would kill jobs and ruin lives. Senator Alex Padilla of Pacoima brought up a great point in the debate. Padilla said you can’t stop doing harm to the environment because there would be a reduction in bag production and a few less jobs. The assembly member went on to compare it to how smoking bans likely forced tobacco companies to lay off employees. Of course there are effects on the toxic industry in question, but benefits to the community are undeniable. Padilla’s proposal would go further by calling plastic bag manufacturers’ bluff. If the new law passes, plastic bag factories would have access to grant money so they could switch to producing reusable wholesale grocery bags instead – as long as they retained their employees. Money from the state’s recycling fund would fund these grants for companies to revamp their businesses. The obvious question is: Why aren’t these businesses being proactive and adapting to changing conditions? Should a government grant be the only reason for them to consider altering their business model? Indeed, several plastic bag manufacturers have signed on for the statewide ban since the grant money was proposed. Business owners across California and other parts of the country don’t have to wait for governments to act. Set an example in your community by ordering reusable wholesale grocery bags and start saving resources today. For more information or for a quote on premium reusable eco-friendly shopping bags please visit or contact us at 800.255.0885 with any questions.