Celebrating Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day

April 17, 2015

Are you looking for a better way to celebrate Earth Day in 2015? Consider giving up the use of plastic bags in your home and business. It may sound difficult, but with a few minor changes in your lifestyle you can reject the ill effects of plastic bags for good. Here is how to do it using wholesale reusable shopping bags and effective waste management.

Banning the Plastic Bag

You may live in a city where plastic bags are no longer available. Sacramento was the latest city in California to move toward a total ban of plastic grocery and shopping bags. These bags have become a destructive force in the oceans and city waste stream, and there is no longer any good reason to use them when carrying a few items home from the store.

Whether you are a retailer starting a green trend in the community or a group of concerned citizens looking to reject the use of plastic bags, wholesale reusable shopping bags offer you the solution this Earth Day. By simply carrying a reusable bag (or two) with you to the store, you can say you’ll never need to use a plastic bag again for groceries.

Cutting Landfill Waste

People trying to live a greener life often begin by quitting plastic bags from stores forever, but that may only be the first step. How do you cut down on the amount of landfill waste you produce every week? Composting and more extensive recycling practices will help you slash the amount of trash heading to overstuffed landfills.

Home composting requires nothing more than a container to throw vegetable scraps, plant leaves, coffee grounds and other organic materials besides meat and fish. Area gardens often collect home compost materials to use (or sell) as fertilizer, which gives you an opportunity to avoid buying trash bags and keeping plastic packaging out of the equation. Find out where you can bring your compost or partner with neighbors to use it in a home garden. When you compost, the amount of trash you produce plummets.

Improved recycling programs also give you a solution when trying to cut down on waste. Check packaging before you buy something to make sure products are recyclable. If you are unsure, decide how essential the purchase will be to your life. Earth Day is an annual opportunity to draw a line in the sand and see where you stand on a greener world.

Use wholesale reusable shopping bags and cuts in overall waste to live a greener life this year. Holden Bags will get your started today. For further information or for a quote please contact us at 800-255-0885 or visit www.HoldenBags.com