China Celebrates 5 Years of Plastic Bag Ban!

January 08, 2014
When looking to the world’s eco-friendliest countries, it’s rare to consider China on any shortlist. However, China is now celebrating the five-year anniversary of their plastic bag ban. Environmental experts have been speculating why the world’s most notorious polluter banned plastic; but the reality is reusable shopping bags are the norm in one of the world’s top consumer markets. Clearly, part of the motivation was tied to the horrendous effects plastic bags have on the ecosystem. At Holden Bags, we have read horror stories about the effects of plastic on our rivers, seas and cities. Whales now routinely wash up on shore with their intestines clogged with plastic, but these horrible reminders of human waste’s impact on the world have not translated into public policy changes for much of the United States. Outside of California and the Pacific Northwest, changes in plastic bag policy are few and far between. However, progress is appearing to take form. New York City has a bill in its City Council that would charge 10 cents for every plastic (and paper) bag in retail stores. For a city using 5 billion plastic bags a year, a switch to reusable shopping bags would have an instant impact on the environment. High hopes for Bill de Blasio are tied to the new NYC mayor’s campaign goal of turning New York into a city producing “zero waste.” Nationally, the U.S. has catching up to do when looking around the globe. Waiting for politicians to move through reams of red tape is inadvisable. Instead, everyone has the opportunity to begin using eco-friendly bags. Why not start affecting the change you hope to see? To that end, eco-friendly store owners can take the lead by ordering wholesale custom bags for their customers. Rather than contributing to a local environmental charity, begin instant impact on the community with reusable shopping bags. Customers love to take part in green initiatives on the grass-roots level so why not give them what they want by ordering wholesale custom bags that show your company is committed to the environment and is taking the right action. For more information about our premium reusable shopping bags or for a quote please visit or contact us at 800.255.0885.