Dallas City Council Debates Plastic Bag Ban

January 29, 2014
With plastic bags already banned in Austin and eight other cities in Texas, the larger cities in the state are looking into ways to reduce a growing pile of plastic waste. On January 15, 2014 the Dallas City Council debated ways to address the problem. In March, the council will take a vote on a detailed proposal. Store owners who want to get the jump on a potential plastic bag ban are already thinking about designing wholesale reusable bags for their stores. When a city finally agrees to put an end to the waste from paper and plastic bags, you can feel a wave of relief sweep through the community. People don’t like wasting all that plastic and seeing the bags blow through cities and waterways, but this way of life has been in place for more than a decade. However, it’s never been right. Wasting all the energy required to produce a plastic bag for something as simple as bringing home a few items is a terrible idea. The only resistance you typically see to plastic bag bans is from plastic bag manufacturers. It isn’t an ethical question for them; nor is it a question of responsibility for polluting the earth and the local community. Instead, it’s about the money they make selling plastic bags. A switch to wholesale reusable bags would represent a win for the environment and community but a loss to the bottom line of plastic bag companies. One could argue that manufacturers of lead paint, asbestos and low miles-per-gallon vehicles all suffered when their products were blacklisted. The community got safer replacements and the companies found ways to adapt or perished. It’s the nature of progress. Today, store owners are buying wholesale tote bags so customers can get on board and reuse their bags and stop the cycle of plastic bags waste. Let’s hope we keep the focus on doing the right thing for our planet – rather than a few business interests – when we make these decisions. For more information please visit www.holdenbags.com or contact us at 888.255.0885.