Earth Day 2013 Is the Perfect Day to Start Living a Green life!

March 15, 2013
This April 22, 2013 is Earth Day, an annual milestone that puts the spotlight on the environmental movement. It might sound strange that it takes a movement to be concerned about the planet on which we live, but indeed the earth is often the last thing considered when human beings make decisions. This Earth Day, it’s a great time to start living the green life. It doesn’t take a gigantic commitment. All it takes is little things, like using reusable grocery bags , rejecting plastic containers or starting to conserve water. Like politics, all environmentalism is local. By all means, think “big” in every decision you make – How will this affect the planet? – yet you can make a huge impact by doing the little things. Start with eco-friendly reusable shopping bags ; continue by bringing a container to a restaurant if you are ordering takeout food; and carry it on to your daily use of electricity and water. Do you leave the lights on when you go to take a shower? Turn them off to enter “green” mode. The same applies to the water coming from your shower. You can minimize the water pressure. It might not be the most fantastic, most cinematic shower you ever took, but you can bet that people 100 years from now will appreciate it. Who knows – there may be water shortages on earth in as little as that time. Putting reusable grocery bags into effect is no longer an excuse for customized tote bags to circulate around town. Many cities – including Austin and Los Angeles – have banned plastic bags for good. Minor efforts like these will add up to major improvements when considering the waste we produce on a daily basis. New York has to follow sometime soon. It’s hard to believe that Mayor Mike Bloomberg has yet to institute a plastic bag ban, but it’s only a matter of time before eco-friendly reusable shopping bags completely take over Manhattan (it’s already halfway there). This Earth Day, leave the posturing and pandering to the politicians. If you’re a business owner, demand your store go green. If you’re a citizen, stop creating waste the earth can’t support. This is a great day to go green! For more information on our eco-friendly reusable shopping bags please visit or contact us at 800-255-0885 with any questions.