Eco-friendly Solutions to Everyday Activities

April 26, 2013

Anyone who cares about the environment would agree that the smallest actions can affect enormous changes. Consider what would happen if everyone on the planet began making every decision based on environmental impact. There’s little doubt the future would be brighter. As it is, people can make numerous changes that have an impact, from using eco-friendly reusable shopping bags to changing how you think about fast food. Here are simple eco-friendly solutions to challenges we face on a daily basis.

  • Plastic bag use. How do you carry items home from the store? For a long time, the answer has been plastic bags, but these bags are wreaking havoc on the environment. This problem is easily solved by switching to reusable bags. It is a great alternative and reduces the amount of plastic bags being disposed every year which in return reduce that number by 90% or more.
  • Energy use. Do you know how much power you’re essentially wasting every day? If your phone charger is plugged in without your phone attached, you’re wasting energy. If you work on a laptop but keep it plugged in all the time, you’re technically never using the battery. The fix is simple and could be repeated for any household item that doesn’t need to be plugged in all day, only plug in electrical devices when you use them.
  • Air pollution. Daily exercise is recommended on a daily basis and although you might not have time for gym sessions, you can spend time commuting on a bike or on foot. Taking public transportation can greatly reduce the amount of pollution caused by gasoline-powered cars. If you have to travel a long distance, using public transportation is a great way to help the environment. Take your custom shopping bags with you, so you’ll have them when you need to stop in stores. Super convenient!
  • Wasted paper (deforestation). At this point, many fewer people pay bills by writing checks and mailing them in envelopes. However, if you still use this system, you can eliminate the expense and wasted paper by conveniently paying all bills online. Another great solution is using reusable (cloth) towels instead of paper towels which can reduce your household budget and reducing the amount of paper towels used. Paper bags should be shunned in favor of eco-friendly reusable shopping bags.
  • Plastic container use. Everyone enjoys getting food delivered now and then, but those bulky plastic containers used by restaurants are disastrous for the environment. Before you make a delivery, ask if they use eco-friendly packing. Otherwise, look for a restaurant that does.

Business owners can benefit greatly by ordering custom shopping bags for their customers. Everyone wins when setting aside plastic bags and moving to eco-friendly reusable shopping bags. Any solution that will help save the planet will also save you money and remember Holden Bags is your source for the best wholesale reusable bags!