Everything You Need To Market Back To School Lunches

Everything You Need To Market Back To School Lunches

September 10, 2018

It's officially time to hit the books and go back to school. This is a great opportunity for tired parents to catch a break, but it's an even better marketing opportunity for your healthy snacks.

As parents struggle to come up with new and exciting ways to incorporate healthy food for their children's bagged lunch, here are some ways to display your lunchtime assets. 

Pair complementary foods

The best way to market healthy foods to families is to create displays with foods that go together. You wouldn't pair toothpaste with orange juice, would you? By pairing complementary foods together, customers are more likely to purchase those products in unison. 

Focus on bright, eye-catching foods that go well together. A barrel of apples next to a side of peanut butter; a whole grain cracker brand next to a fun dip. Opt for bright packaging to catch the consumer's eye and hit your target with great combinations. Offer a custom insulated bag to serve as a lunch box and you're set to start the school year. 

Keep it stylish

Custom reusable bags are a great way to capitalize on the need for back to school products. There are countless benefits of reusable bags, especially insulated bags that can double as a child's lunch box. By getting stylish bulk reusable grocery bags, you'll be able to gain some advertising by printing your customized logo on the grocery bags. Not only that, you'll be able to project an eco-conscious image for your customers; it can take nearly 1,000 years for a single plastic bag to photodegrade in a landfill. By projecting an environmentally-friendly image, your eco-friendly customers will appreciate the change. 

Break out the tupperware

Storage containers are another branch of reusable shopping bags. By showing your store promotes a reusable container option over zippered bags and plastic silverware, your display will look environmentally-friendly and practical. 

Hand out coupons

There's nothing like good old-fashioned foot traffic to drive up sales within your store. As your customers come in, the coupons will ensure you greet every single person that walks through that door. You can even offer one of your bulk reusable grocery bags to help carry their groceries.  

Back to school shopping is the perfect time to break out some clever marketing tools. When you're stuck looking for options that appeal to the masses, don't hesitate to build off of the many benefits your reusable bags can give you.