Frequently Asked Questions: What Are Insulated Bags?

Frequently Asked Questions: What Are Insulated Bags?

August 01, 2017

Custom insulated bags have become much more popular in recent years. Across the U.S., more and more grocery stores, from large chains to small-town shops, are switching to custom reusable bags and are ditching the plastic grocery bags that have been used for so long. But why, exactly, is this major switch happening? 

Here are a few frequently asked questions that pertain to reusable bags, custom insulated bags, and their growing popularity. 

  • What are these insulated bags used for? -- Although reusable grocery bags are great to transport just about any regular grocery item, insulated bags are specifically designed to store items that need to remain hot or cold. While carrying frozen foods, for example, you wouldn't want to keep your frozen boxes in the same plastic bag as your other groceries because they could go bad. The same thing applies to foods that need to stay warm during the grocery trip.
  • Are these insulated bags large enough to carry big items? -- Although the majority of insulated bags are around 13 or 15 inches tall (10 to 12 inches wide), you can get custom insulated bags that are much taller and wider for your grocery transferring needs. That means that you don't have to assume these options won't be available for what you need.
  • Why won't plastic bags suffice? -- Plastic bags are simply not as durable as insulated bags. Unless your entire grocery store consists of very small items, you'll probably end up ripping at least four or five bags every trip. They are just much less convenient than stronger insulated bags.
  • Are there any other benefits to reusable bags other than strength? -- Perhaps the main benefit of using these kinds of bags instead of plastic is the environmental advantage. Plastic bags are improperly thrown out all the time and wind up rotting in landfills, further polluting the environment. Plastic bags can actually take up to 1,000 years to degrade, so small pieces of toxic plastic will continue to pollute our oceans and environments for centuries. When you can continue to reuse bags, you'll be reducing your environmental impact and benefit from a higher quality product.

A single reusable bag actually has a lifetime more than 700 times longer than disposable plastic bags. If you want to learn more about the advantages of reusable and insulated bags, contact Holden Bags today!