Going Green: How to Lead by Example and Be Part of the Solution

November 29, 2012

It’s hard to ignore how much daily habits can have a negative impact on the environment. From the gasoline burning in car engines to the plastic waste piling up from quick takeout lunches, regular conveniences begin to take on extremely negative associations.

Still, the movement to “go green” should never be about pointing fingers or causing consternation. This approach usually does more harm than good. Instead, we have the opportunity to lead by example every day – by carpooling, by using eco-friendly shopping bags, by refusing to create excess waste. Every community needs positive role models and you can set the tone by being part of the solution.

What can something as simple as carrying reusable grocery bags do for our planet? It doesn’t take a complex equation to calculate the amount of waste in landfills from carelessly discarded plastic bags. With the option of reusable bags at every person and company’s fingertips you can do your small part every day while sending a silent message to the community.

Will people hear the call to action? Whether you know it or not, eco-friendly shopping bags speak volumes about commitment to the environment. Your company’s name and logo will be carried around town by devoted customers who offer up free advertising exposure while supporting the cause to cut down on waste.

The effects are subliminal. Once people ask themselves why reusable grocery bags are superior to single-use plastic bags, the dialogue opens up. “What is next on our agenda?” people will start asking themselves. Well, the next move is to eliminate the gigantic amounts of waste involved with food takeout orders, to rethink the practicality of giant plastic trash bags and to consider the biodegradability factor of every discarded object we send to the landfill.

It might seem like it would take a large-scale rebel yell to get to that point. Perhaps it will, but the tide is already turning. Plastic bag bans are going into effect all over the country. It’s only a matter of time. When you decide you want to be part of the solution, let Holden Bags make your voice heard loud and clear with custom reusable bags .

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