Going Green: Where the Money’s At for Business Owners

February 12, 2014
Advocates for the environment have always looked for ways to show conservation as the epitome of common sense. If we help foster a healthy ecosystem, doesn’t everyone benefit? The answer may be clear, but business owners are only starting to realize how going green is a money maker in terms of operation savings and branding in today’s marketplace. From reusable shopping bags to retrofitting HVAC systems, a green company mission is the profitable way to go. Indeed, everyone wins when businesses turn to more eco-friendly ways of operation. Businesses that replace their wasteful HVAC systems reduce the amount of pollution going into the community while reducing the burden on the local power grid. Switching light bulbs from incandescent models to fluorescents offers another big boost in efficiency, yet that’s only one side of the story. American businesses have suffered from the stereotype of corporate marauders decimating the community in hopes of greater profits. It’s no longer possible to succeed with that strategy, which is why you see companies big and small turning to greener operations. But in order for your consumer to know it’s happening, you have to tell them. Customized shopping bags are the easiest way to show you care about the environment and the community where your company operates. Since L.A., San Francisco and other cities have banned plastic bags, you’re starting to see fewer bags blowing down the street or residing along the beaches. Elsewhere, communities aren’t waiting for the government to act. Business leaders from Whole Foods to Buffalo Exchange have banned plastic bags from stores and while both companies are enjoying huge success for their respective merits, their green strategy is integral to their image in the community. It’s difficult to save the entire planet, but it’s easy to start small and make your impact noticeable. For business owners, starting with reusable shopping bags sporting your company name and logo speaks volumes about your mission and you’ll find the community responding in kind. Going green is now a successful business strategy as much as it is a personal responsibility. For more information about our premium eco-friendly reusable shopping bags or to get a quote please visit www.holdenbags.com or contact us at 800.255.0885.