Holden Bags: The Safe & Eco-Friendly Reusable Grocery Bags

September 04, 2012

Is the reusable grocery bag you bought safe? Reports of lead content in the shopping bags used by large chain stores have sparked concern among many consumer affairs watchdogs. According to Canada’s CTV News (link: http://bc.ctvnews.ca/tests-find-lead-in-reusable-shopping-bags-in-b-c-1.575610), the bags sold by Whole Foods for reusable purposes have been shown to contain disturbing amounts of lead. The question is: Are the eco-friendly reusable grocery bags you’ve been selling actually safe for your customers? Holden Bags can guarantee theirs are safe and suggests that you must examine what you have been supplying your customers.

When you purchase wholesale reusable bags for your customers, the impulse is genuine. You are trying to stop the use of plastic bags in order to limit the tragic impact these disposable bags have on the environment. That impulse is noble in every way. However, the purpose is defeated when you find you are introducing other negative elements into the world. In this case, store owners finding they have been selling bags containing lead content were distraught to learn lead contamination was a risk. Holdenbags.com offers a completely safe alternative when you find yourself in this situation.

What tests do you need to run when you have purchased customized reusable shopping bags? Hopefully, the company from whom you purchased the bags has already completed the tests and can guarantee you are not putting any customers at risk. Why would you want to sell bags containing lead to your clientele? While you limit the negative impact of plastic waste, you are creating another problem. Lead content is especially harmful for children and pregnant women, but it is clear that no amount of lead is safe for anyone.

In many cases, you cannot know what you are buying unless the company has done extensive testing and can assure you that the bags the custom reusable shopping bags are safe from all dangerous elements. Holden Bags is constantly testing bags to make sure there are no harmful contents in anything they sell. Providing clients with safe bags that help cut down on plastic bag use is the clear goal of Holden Bags and it will always be the focus of the company. Paying attention to every aspect of green bag production is the only way to conduct a responsible business, which is why this reusable bag solution continues to be the best.

Eco-friendly reusable grocery bags have the potential to impact the environment in an entirely positive way. The only way the concept becomes flawed is when unexpected elements enter the equation. Without a doubt, responsible businesses such as Whole Foods and Toys ‘R’ Us planned to deliver a quality solution to clients. Unfortunately, their reusable bag provider hadn’t completed the necessary tests to identify lead content in the product. When you want a safe, fully tested green bag that will solve the problem of disposable bags on all counts, look to the Holden Bags model. Environmental responsibility should never compromise on safety. Visit www.holdenbags.com for more information on the revolution in green bags.