How Avoiding Plastic Bags Starts a Green Domino Effect

March 28, 2014
Lost in the hype of plastic bag bans across the country is the impact legislation has on the entire community. Once single-use bags disappear, members of the community begin conserving resources in many other ways. There is a palpable “green” domino effect. It starts with wholesale custom shopping bags and extends to composting efforts as well as the resources cities use to haul trash from one place to another. A perfect example is the city composting effort undertaken in San Francisco. Instead of throwing biodegradable waste (food scraps, vegetable peels, coffee grinds, etc.) in plastic bags headed for a landfill, San Franciscans compost them. It works hand-in-hand with the plastic bag ban. Though plastic bags from the store were often used as trash bags, a ban makes them scarce. Residents can avoid buying trash bags at the store by composting food scraps. By composting rather than throwing away food waste, you don’t have to use many plastic bags and the city doesn’t have to cart the waste to landfills in diesel trucks. In a city where conservation and green initiatives are in residents’ DNA, San Francisco can make these initiatives look easy, but New Yorkers are getting in on the game as well. Ex-mayor Michael Bloomberg got the ball rolling with a composting effort his administration estimated could save New York $100 million a year in the future. Once it’s composted, food waste releases methane gas that can be used to create electricity. It’s a full green circle that begins when people start using reusable grocery bags. Wholesale custom shopping bags are already popular in places like San Francisco, L.A. and New York, and business owners can order special bags for their customers to use daily. Eliminating plastic bags begins a circle of conservation, but ordering custom reusable bags also begins a circle of publicity for any business. It starts at a store’s checkout counter. Instead of plastic bags, customers take home one of the wholesale custom shopping bags you’ve ordered. Afterwards, they carry purchases to the car and into their home. Once it becomes a habit, they carry these reusable bags on trips to the beach, quick stops at convenience stores and everything else that used to call for a plastic bag. You’ll see plenty of exposure for your business once the custom bags leave your store. As it stands, elected officials are grappling with waste they can’t handle, while environmental groups are shocked by the levels of plastic pollution in local oceans. Plastic bag bans are the place to start. Once in place, many green initiatives follow. They save the city money and make the community a safer, greener place to live. There’s simply no downside. For more information or to receive a quote please visit or contact us at 800.255.0885800.255.0885.