How Business Owners Can Go Green and Boost Sales Simultaneously

July 12, 2013
Reusable Grocery BagsWhen you explore what it takes to launch an advertising campaign, is there an answer for small business owners who depend on foot traffic and local sales? One technique has proven to be a winner: designing custom shopping bags and watching your customers spread the word for you. If you put a nice product together, you’ll see great returns on a small investment. The concept is simple. Your customers need bags to carry your products out of the store. You can give them disposable bags that are bad for the environment, and these bags get thrown out in minutes; or, you can give them custom shopping bags that will go around town an infinite number of times, each time giving your business a plug. Is there any case that can be made for single-use bags when reusable grocery bags with your company name can replace them? It’s becoming harder for storeowners to see the logic in buying plastic bags when eco-friendly grocery bags perform a greater service. A quick scan of your memory will remind you how many you’ve seen in the streets. Whether it’s a green market (including coops or Whole Foods stores) or clothing retailers like Buffalo Exchange and Urban Outfitters, businesses have decided to ban plastic bags in advance of local legislation. The tactic works. People now associate these stores with green practices, and they see their reusable bags all over town. Are you looking for an inexpensive way to get the word out? You can commission flyers, but people usually throw them out; you can buy email lists and send ads, but they often get deleted; or you can buy custom shopping bags and create a lasting impression. When you least expect it, you’ll see your bags around town – promoting your store name, showcasing your company logo – and realize what a sound investment reusable grocery bags are. Of course, being considered a green business doesn’t hurt, either. For more information on our premium eco-friendly bags please visit