How the West Coast Is Fighting for the Environment

May 28, 2013
There is always an East Coast vs. West Coast argument. In the 1970s, the battle was crystallized in a Yankees-Dodgers rivalry. In the 1980s, it was the Lakers and the Celtics, New York vs. L.A. - City life vs. surf culture. Meanwhile, the environmental battle – Americans versus the planet – has raged on, with Mother Earth losing on every front. From the lead in reusable grocery bags to electric car use, California and the rest of West Coast are proving to be far ahead of New York and all points East. How far has California gone with respect to eco-friendly reusable shopping bags? So far, you can see a plastic bag ban in place in L.A. County, San Francisco and many other towns in the country’s most populous state. Hawaii has said goodbye to plastic bags, the scourge of plant and sea life. California government officials are moving a piece of legislation that would carry out the ban throughout the state. Meanwhile, time has stopped in the effort to reduce pollution and on the senseless use of plastic bags on the East Coast. Nothing is happening in the Empire State. In New York City, the number of plastic bags being used and discarded carelessly every day has grown to science fiction-esque proportions. Granted, many progressive New Yorkers are doing their part with reusable grocery bags all the time, but there are too many others who don’t know or don’t care enough to join the cause. As a recent New York Times article pointed out, eco-friendly reusable shopping bags aren’t making a dent because there is no attention being placed on the matter. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has wielded his power in so many other regards, has to shoulder most of the blame. Though he’s improved the NYC recycling program, his environmental record overall is a failure. Businesses have no excuse, designing and handing out or selling wholesale tote bags offers companies an opportunity to make a huge difference and advertise their brand simultaneously. Eco-friendly reusable shopping bags have become the norm at large grocers like Whole Foods. Why are their customers bringing reusable bags and not revolting? Why is it so easy for a company that has seen its profits soar, as Whole Foods’s have? The answers are few and far between. As of now, the effort to spread the word about reusable shopping bags and the benefits to the environment will continue, the West is by far the best advocate for the environment thus far and there is a lot of catching up to do. Join the cause to have a cleaner and safer environment by using top of the line reusable shopping bags from the leading provider