How To Have An Eco-Friendly Halloween

How To Have An Eco-Friendly Halloween

October 31, 2018

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays of the year, but it's also one of the most expensive. It's also not a very environmentally-friendly holiday. 

If you want to have a more eco-friendly Halloween, here are some tips to cut down on waste (and save money in the process!)

Get some reusable shopping bags

High quality reusable bags can be used for just about everything. Passing out candy to five different Thors, giving them as a trick or treat bag to your children who are also dressed as Thor; when it comes to candy, reusable shopping bags reign as king. They also come in different sizes so you can choose bigger or smaller Halloween bags for your kids. 

Reusable bags are way better than the cheaply made pumpkin buckets you only use once. 

But reusable totes are also great for other aspects of Halloween. They can be used to hold everyone's keys if you're throwing a party, can serve as decorations in your home, and can even be used to store Halloween costumes until next year. High quality reusable bags are a versatile component when you plan your perfect eco-friendly Halloween. 

Become the house that offers apples

Think about all the plastic wrappings that encase those delectable bites of chocolate. It's unfortunate, but plastic materials, including plastic bags, can take up to 1,000 years to break down. Choosing candies and treats that don't rely on plastic is just one way to cut down on your waste. 

If you still want to opt for candy, consider buying organic candy that doesn't use pesticides or chemicals. These candies are also great to market in your stores to health-conscious parents. Regardless, you should always try to avoid excessive packaging.  

Reuse Halloween costumes

Buying overpriced, poorly made Halloween costumes is not sustainable. Try to think of new ways to show off your old Halloween costume instead. You can always make yourself into a zombie or ghost version of a sexy nurse with a little face paint. Adding a jacket or accessorizing in different ways is another great way to change up your old look. 

For the savvy spender, you can always try to make creative costumes using clothing in your own closet too. Raid your family's closets for fresh items if you need inspiration.  

Halloween is one of the best times of the year, but it isn't always environmentally friendly. When you want to improve your carbon footprint and promote a sustainable future, try out these tips and buy high quality reusable bags from Holden Bags today.