How To Improve Efficiency and Customer Experience At Your Grocery Store

How To Improve Efficiency and Customer Experience At Your Grocery Store

December 04, 2017

If you're running a grocery store, it's important to focus on keeping your customers happy no matter what. In this industry, customer loyalty can make or break your business. Of course, in addition to the customer experience, you have to do your best to have the most efficient operation possible. Company efficiency is perhaps just as important as any aspect of running a business, but in an industry with razor thin profit margins, it's especially important.

Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take to start improving your operations and improve your customer experience. From buying tote bags and wine bags in bulk to putting the right people in the right places, here are some helpful tips for improving your grocery store's overall efficiency. 

Ditch the plastic grocery bags

Stores that still exclusively use plastic grocery bags have to spend hours every week unloading all that plastic and placing them at every register in the store. Not only is this a giant waste of time, it's leading to some serious environmental issues. Across the United States coastline, plastic bags make up more than 10% of all washed-up debris. Because so many grocery stores give away hundreds of plastic bags to each customer, these bags are rarely properly discarded and end up polluting the earth. For independent and eco-friendly grocery stores and markets, providing alternatives to the plastic bag is a no brainer. By encouraging customers to use reusable bags, you can improve efficiency and help preserve the environment. 

Buy wine bags in bulk

Everyone knows that buying your products in bulk is a great way to improve your company's efficiency, which is why you already work with wholesale suppliers and buy all your items in large quantities. If you have a beer and wine section in your store, then consider buying wine bags in bulk, too. For customers who purchase several bottles at once, these wine bags provide a touch of elegance to the grocery store customer experience.

Have your best employees on the busiest registers

To really ensure your store is running at maximum efficiency, make sure that you have your hardest working, most experienced, and best employees taking the lead. If it's a Sunday morning and hundreds of people are in your store doing their shopping, you should be sure to have your best workers at the main registers.

Follow the ABCS -- Always be cleaning and stocking

Many places wait until the late hours to clean up and restock the shelves, but you should try your best to keep your establishment clean and well stocked at all times. The major cleaning and large restocking should be done at night, sure, but you never want to run out of little items or have too messy of a store during the day. Also, consider keeping one or two more employees on staff during these busier days to help. Finally, by always having a produce employee restocking the produce section, customers will always see staff members bringing out fresh produce, solidifying your brand as the go-to place for fresh food.

You can never be too efficient -- so always keep working towards improving your operations and customer experience. If you want to check out reusable grocery bags in bulk, contact Holden Bags today.