How to Make Earth Day Every Day of the Week

May 10, 2013
In many places around the country, Earth Day comes and goes without much fanfare. If you asked every person individually, nearly all would tell you they believe in environmental conservation. So why can’t they reconcile daily life with green practices? In fact, in everything from reusable grocery bags to eco-friendly modes of transportation, it’s easier than you think to make Earth Day every day of the week. What are the factors contributing to the earth’s decline? Among the most potent are greenhouse emissions and the burden of human trash. It is well publicized that giant masses of trash (some as large as the state of Texas) are floating in the oceans of our world. They mainly consist of plastic garbage, which never biodegrades and pollutes everything it touches. Are eco-friendly reusable shopping bags that difficult to use? Actually, they’re quite simple to use, and could diminish the amount of plastic hitting landfills and oceans every day. That’s a quick fix. Transportation is another major cause for concern. The amount of gasoline it takes to carry a single person to work is too much to sustain. The carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere contributes to global warming. As sea levels rise, we’ll see more potent storms and parts of the coastline disappear. Committing to travel on public transportation (especially trains) for half the week – or carpooling – can make a huge impact on the amount of CO2 emissions we release into the atmosphere. Riding a bicycle is is also a great alternative, as spring and summer finally arrive. There are so many reasons why people would order wholesale tote bags, but the best reason of all is the feeling you receive when you have contributed to earth’s cause. Store owners can create an attractive promotional shopping bag that will turn heads as well as offer a substitute for plastic bags, but there is joy to be had in simply buying one the next time you’re at the store and knowing you have made a difference. Are there any other ways to make Earth Day a daily event? There are so many ways. Recycling every bit of plastic, glass and metal you use will greatly cut down on each family’s trash output. Is “Zero Waste” a possibility? You’d be surprised how close you can get, once you start considering every piece of waste you create. We may not be able to make a measurable difference right away but taking part in small adjustments such as using reusable grocery bags, using “green” ways of transportation and recycling are excellent ways to start. For more information about Holden Bags eco-friendly reusable shopping bags please visit