How To Throw A Sustainable Halloween Office Party

How To Throw A Sustainable Halloween Office Party

October 01, 2018

The holiday season is upon us, and one of the first events this fall is Halloween. This spooky holiday is the perfect opportunity to throw a party that your employees will love. Sustainability should be a top priority for your business at all times, and that includes party-throwing. Encourage everyone to come in work-appropriate costumes that they've gathered from their current wardrobe, and then incorporate these eco-friendly elements for a spookily sustainable Halloween party.


Decorate With Care

One of the best ways to get everyone into the spirit of Halloween is to create the perfect environment. Transform the office for the day of the party with fake cobwebs, pumpkins, and balloons. Try and make sure that any decorations you use are made with sustainable products. For the pumpkins, go to your local pumpkin patch and pick out the ones you like best. When the party's over, gut the pumpkins for the seeds and compost the remains. For all of the other decorations, try to take them down carefully so that you can reuse them for next year's party.


Provide Reusable Custom Tote Bags

Give out custom tote bags at the Halloween party and your employees will appreciate the generous gesture. You can customize them with a fun Halloween design or put a company photo on them. They'll make perfect vessels for the party-goers to take home candy and then they can use them as Halloween trick or treat bags that night. By providing reusable bags, you're encouraging your employees to ditch plastic bags. Every year, the average person uses between 350 and 600 plastic bags, with the entire country averaging about 100 billion plastic bags per year.


Serve Food Together

Oftentimes, the biggest waste that comes from a party is the leftover food. Encourage every employee to bring a dish to serve, but emphasize the importance of making a manageable amount. Have a sign-up list in the office in the weeks before the party so that everyone can see what other people are already bringing. This way, you don't end up with three pans of brownies that go to waste. With any food that is leftover, encourage people to take it home or donate it to local shelters. For additional sustainability, suggest that everyone brings their food in actual dishes, rather than disposal containers that create landfill waste.


Between putting up fun decorations, giving out custom tote bags, and collaborating on the party's food, you'll have thrown a Halloween party to remember.