How Wholesale Shopping Bags Make an Environmental Case by Simply Existing

February 25, 2013
Over the past decades, the struggle to advance environmental causes encountered heavy resistance. Oil companies belittled the benefits of fuel-efficient vehicles; manufacturers mocked the reasoning behind conserving forestry; and the public was led to believe environmentalists were head-in-the-clouds dreamers. These days, the debate has largely ended. Few can deny the harm we have inflicted on the planet. The time has come for change, which makes efforts like reusable wholesale shopping bags so attractive. In many ways an “undercover” case made by environmentalists, reusable shopping bags succeed by simply existing. Every time you use a bag, waste is reduced (sadly, we have to count a trip to the store as an event that produces permanent plastic waste). Every time you use a bag, the cost of producing and transporting another bag is eliminated. Every time you use a bag, you lighten the burden – however little – the planet must absorb. The wholesale shopping bags you order for your business can do a lot with little to-do. These bags take the cause to the streets on a subliminal level. People know they are part of the conservation movement by carrying them to transport goods. In some cases, they were encouraged by the ability to save money at the checkout counter. Some states and counties offer discounts when you use a green bag; others charge small fees for paper bags By putting the use of eco-friendly reusable shopping bags on an economic level, we broaden the possibility of mainstream acceptance. Legislators made similar efforts against tobacco products. The inflated cost of cigarettes has led to major reductions in the number of smokers. Why not increase the fees charged when shoppers don’t bring reusable shopping bags to the store? Why not charge prohibitive fees for plastic takeout containers? There are many new fights to take up. Custom reusable grocery bags can stay on the sidelines in most ways. They are sensible, cost-effective and attractive to businesses looking for added exposure. For now, they make the best case for the environment by merely existing. Find out how Holden Bags can help you get started. For more information please visit or contact us at 800.255.0885 for a quote.