How Wholesale Tote Bags Support Environmentally Conscious Commerce

How Wholesale Tote Bags Support Environmentally Conscious Commerce

July 20, 2012

If you’ve been shopping cities across the U.S., you’ve undoubtedly seen reusable tote bags being carried on the shoulders of residents everywhere. Considering the way stores used to bag everything in plastic – a product with drastic consequences for the environment – the revolution in reusable wholesale tote bags is being applauded by businesses and consumers everywhere. While cities and states continue to mull an all-out ban on plastic, companies like offer a smarter, less compulsory solution.

Choosing a Greener, More Convenient Approach

While wholesale tote bags might seem simply environmentally friendly to observers, they are practical on numerous other levels. For many years, consumers have saved bags they received from grocery stores and other retailers and reused them at home or when traveling. This form of recycling should be applauded, but it never took away from the volume of manufacturing. Thus, the level of resources being used for simple bagging did not change.

Once custom shopping bags for wholesale use started to become available, both functions could be handled by the tote bags. Instead of expecting a retailer to bag an itemusing “paper or plastic,” the consumer bringing a reusable bag has something to carry home their items in and a bag to carry somewhere else later. Stocking up on bags from different stores has now become more unlikely. Stores do not have to order more bags and you do not have to throw out any bags you receive. It is as convenient a solution as it is “green.”

The Debate Over Bans and Taxes on Plastic

When plastic bags were banned in China in 2008, a country producing a large amount of pollution found a way to save millions of barrels of oil and force plastic bag use to plummet. Similar bans in the United States have received mixed reactions, but common sense points to wholesale tote bags winning out in the end. Stores in cities like New York now offer a discount to shoppers who bring in a bag rather than receive one at checkout. Other stores have simply stopped offering bags to customers.

Though some consumers will have a hard time warming up to the idea that you must bring a bag to carry home goods from a merchant, there is little in the argument that this way isn’t the path of the future. As time goes by, marine life will continue to struggle to support the level of trash human beings produce. Without measures to cut down on plastic and other waste that is not biodegradable, the future of the oceans will remain in jeopardy.

Votes on banning plastic bags in some cities have failed, but states continue to introduce measures in this vein, suggesting reusable wholesale tote bags will grow in prominence across the country. Common sense and a sense of responsibility toward our environment will likely win the day.

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