How Your Business Can Profit on Reusable Wine Bags During the Holidays

How Your Business Can Profit on Reusable Wine Bags During the Holidays

July 09, 2018

Wine is the perfect gift for any occasion, but little thought goes into the perfect bag to present it. Reusable wine bags are the new perfect gift to incorporate into your business. The marketing benefits are endless: here are just a few. 

Seasonal Colors

No matter the occasion, a reusable, insulated wine bag makes the perfect gift for every season thanks to its versatility and practicality. In the summer, the a bright yellow reusable wine bag will keep white wines cool, giving the luxury of immediately drinkable wine. In the winter, the insulated wine bag will ensure your red wines stay at their ideal temperature. Reusable bags can also be customized to match the season for an added bonus: pair alike colors on a promotional table to inspire gift ideas. Hello, marketing opportunities. 

Birthday Benefits

While wine is an easy birthday gift -- especially for newly legal drinkers -- but when the wine is gone, there is little to commemorate the occasion. With a reusable wine bag or wine tote, this long lasting insulator will mark the occasion for years to come. While regular wine bags are likely to rip or be thrown away, the reusable option can come in different sizes, different colors, and different insulating strengths. A plastic bag is often only used for 25 minutes -- a reusable bag can last years. Pair this gift with other option on the display to make the wine into more of a gift bag in addition to the great sustainability they present. They’re a great way to present the welcomed gift of wine with the added longevity lost on a regular present.

Holiday Decoration

Reusable wine bags are a gift that just keeps giving: with all the different colors in which wine bags are available, customizable options can make these reusable totes the perfect gift for any holiday. Your customers will gobble up these bags at Thanksgiving, spread Christmas cheer, and show patriotic pride whenever they want to impress their guests during the holidays. As a marketing opportunity, this is a great way to buy a bulk product; whatever you don’t sell this year, you can always incorporate it into your holiday themes next year. 

As an added bonus, your wine bag will prove to your clientele that your company is “thinking green.” The eco-friendly nature of a reusable bag is only amplified by the when your customers gift someone with a perfectly chilled wine thanks to the insulated wine bag. While wine is the perfect gift for any occasion, a reusable bag is something your customers can use for years to come.