It's Time to Ditch Plastic Bags and Go Reusable

It's Time to Ditch Plastic Bags and Go Reusable

June 19, 2017

Your customers are the most important part of your entire business. If you have a store that requires shoppers to physically come inside and leave with products, you should think about how that process can better your customers in every way possible. 

For example, if you own a grocery store and you only have disposable plastic bags that your customers can use to bag their items, though it might seem convenient, you could potentially be damaging that relationship with your customers. 

How can using plastic grocery bags damage the relationship between my business and my customers?

Well, though not every customer's stance with your company will be in jeopardy, there will still be many who expect more from businesses like yours. The world is changing and it's becoming much more environmentally conscious -- and as a result, everyone from our major corporations to the parent shopping for groceries on the weekend needs to consider to help better the world. 

One of the many benefits of reusable bags is that the environment will no longer be littered with millions of plastic bags. Of course that would only work if grocery and shopping stores like your own make the switch from plastic bags to reusable. Currently, plastic bags make up more than 10% of all the washed-up debris floating along the U.S. coastline. That's why the benefits of using reusable grocery bags outweigh any measure of convenience for plastic bags. 

Reusable products aren't just for the environment's benefit, either. Custom wine bags can help shoppers stock up with their favorite bottles and products and do so without tearing through the easily-ripped plastic bags, which would subsequently end up in the oceans and landfills. 

Think about how much more successful your business would be if you made the switch from plastic bags to reusable bags. From custom wine bags to large reusable grocery bags, reusable is the future and the time is now. 

If you want to learn more about the benefits of reusable bags, where to find great custom wine bags, or have any other questions related to reusable products, contact Holden Bags today.