Join the Green Movement

Join the Green Movement

February 07, 2015

Join the Green Movement: Stock Reusable Bags at the Checkout Counter
Studies show the average American creates 4 lbs. of waste every day. Using that number, simple math yields an even scarier number – 14,000 lbs. of trash per person, per year. Is there any way out of this vicious waste cycle? A place to start is by ordering wholesale reusable bags for the checkout counters of retail stores. Reusable bags are gateways to eco-friendly behavior.

Breaking the Bag Habit

No one can blame Americans for the habits we have formed. As soon as we can shop, we are given bags for a can of soda (along with a straw and napkin), yet the majority of the things we buy becomes waste. Obviously, this habit is not sustainable and threatens everything from the air we breathe to the waters we enjoy for swimming and fishing.

A great place to start conserving resources is with simple grocery bags. When someone offers you a bag to carry a wrapped package a few feet down the street, decline. As a store owner, you can stop the practice of handing out plastic bags. Stock wholesale reusable bags so people can break the bad bag habits and start thinking about the waste problem we’ll leave for our children and grandchildren.

Gateway to Greener Living

Refusing to use wasteful plastic bags is an excellent way to start a greener lifestyle. Without so many disposable bags coming home from shopping trips, you begin to cut down on trash use. Recycling efforts and composting organic waste are things you can do to stop throwing away so much trash.

Considering how you shop is another great way to stop producing so much trash. Reusing produce bags (for apples or oranges) and buying only recyclable containers will allow you get closer to a “zero waste” lifestyle. Soon enough, you will begin considering every purchase you make. When 300 million Americans stop the endless flow of trash to landfills and waters, the impact will be enormous.

Stock wholesale reusable bags with your store’s name and logo to help break the harmful plastic bag habits in your community. Find out how quickly you can start green momentum with eco-friendly reusable tote bags from Holden Bags today. For more information or for a quote please visit or contact us at 800-255-0885.