Journey of a Plastic Bag: The Road to Eternal Waste

April 12, 2013

Somewhere, at a domestic or foreign factory, a company is producing plastic bags for grocery stores and countless other businesses. Consumers use them to pack goods, which then make it to homes. From there, they are often thrown straight into the trash. Wherever they end up, they will be in the environment for thousands of years, polluting the oceans and killing off plant and animals by poisoning them with chemicals.

The journey of a plastic bag is a very unsettling story and it doesn’t have to continue. Eco-friendly reusable bags can replace these wasteful and utterly harmful bags that are now being banned in U.S. cities (many countries worldwide have already prohibited the use of plastic bags).

  • From the moment a bag is produced, it has burned too much energy: You can drive nearly one-tenth of a mile in your car on the energy needed to produce one plastic bag.
  • The trip from the factory to the warehouses – and later the stores – involves countless more gallons of fuel. These trips would be noticeably less if everyone made a transition to using reusable shopping bags.
  • When plastic bags are thrown away, they often don’t make it to a landfill. They often travel into the ocean or river, poisonous for sea and plant life.
  • The plastic bags that make it to the landfills are buried under all the trash preventing them to break down naturally due to the lack of sunlight.
  • Plastic bags also leave chemicals in the soil, which eventually travels through into oceans, endangering marine life.

The Go green grocery bags are available to anyone who is willing to contribute to the environment to help reverse the process.

Whether wasting fuel or endangering our wildlife, plant & sea life, poisoning the oceans, plastic bags are a big contributor to the suffering of our environment. Eco-friendly reusable bags are the affordable, superior alternative. Get reusable grocery bags for your business, store, next event or just because of your commitment to saving the planet!