Keeping our Eco-friendly Reusable Bags Lead-free is Our Promise to You!

December 19, 2012

Reusable shopping bags are taking their rightful place as a solution to the growing trash problem in our country. The idea that we can use and discard plastic bags multiple times a day is no longer acceptable. The movement to end plastic bag use has picked up a lot of steam in California and other cities around the country. You’ll see custom grocery bags everywhere and notice the commitment on the part of consumers & store owners to think greener.

However, tackling the problem of excess landfill waste only works when you do not start another one. When the realization that some reusable bags contained lead, it tempered with the whole movement. Thankfully, there is an easy solution-lead free reusable bags. Lead-free reusable bags from Holden Bags are the safest and of highest quality eco-friendly bags on the market!

The best reusable shopping bags from Holden Bags have every element covered: they offer people a way to transport groceries and other items for many many years to come; they eliminate a great deal of waste; they promote your business; and they are safe and affordable. Holden Bags recognizes the concerns of store owners and consumers alarmed about lead content, naturally. Fortunately, we can assure you that our eco-friendly custom grocery bags are entirely lead-free. We have always believed that a solution to environmental problems cannot create other issues on the side.

Lead-free reusable bags are the right kind of reusable bags to use. It is impossible to solve environmental problems quickly, but reusable shopping bags are a great start! Let your customers know that you are pro-environment and care about their health by putting our custom bags into circulation. You can be confident that our promise to you will never die.

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