Make a conscious decision to live a green life and start by using eco-friendly reusable shopping bags

January 19, 2013
The only thing separating a dream from reality is typically the mundane act of execution. Forcing yourself to break bad habits and start fresh are New Year’s resolutions. In environmental concerns, even the smallest efforts can go a long way. Simple routines like bringing reusable tote bags mean big things for the environment over time. All the waste from plastic bags is wreaking havoc on the earth’s land and seas and cutting down on that waste is easily achieved. Switching to eco-friendly reusable shopping bags is a move you’ll have to consciously decide to make. It won’t happen on its own. One day, you will be ready to accept responsibility for every decision you make in your daily life. If you feel like the convenience of using plastic bags is worth the damage it can cause on the planet, you’ll be able to keep going with the old ways. However, most people realize that we have to change our lives in order to help the environment make a comeback and keep our planet healthy for our children, their children and every future generation. The concept may sound lofty, but there is nothing complex about carrying customized reusable grocery bags in your car for shopping trips. There is nothing difficult about turning off lights when you leave a room or riding a bike sometimes instead of driving. Each of these activities helps the planet a little bit. As with efforts that reflect laziness or carelessness in harming the environment, small movements carry large weight. Becoming a “green” person who cares about the environment is easier than you think. Find out where you can get reusable tote bags for yourself or for your customers. They are widely available and can be ordered with your company logo or design from Holden Bags. Customized reusable grocery bags end up saving thousands of dollars every month. Efforts by California lawmakers to eliminate plastic bag use is a great victory for the cause. The next idea may come from an individual who takes an interest and decides the world is worth the effort. No matter what, it will take the actions of many to improve the health of our planet. For more information please visit or contact us at 888.255.0885 with any inquiries.