Make The Switch: Why Your Store Needs Bulk Reusable Bags

Make The Switch: Why Your Store Needs Bulk Reusable Bags

September 17, 2018

Reusable bags have countless benefits for the consumer and the environment, but how do reusable grocery bags help your store thrive? 

Here are some of the major benefits for your store moving to bulk reusable bags. 

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When your store opts for custom reusable bags, anywhere your customer goes, so will your store's name. Reusable bags are used for a number of activities, including Halloween bags, storage options, and your basic everyday bag. The versatile, sturdy nature of the bags means that your customers will use them for more than just shopping. As such, your business' logo will be showcased by all who carry them. 

You'll avoid the bag tax

Plastic bags are incredibly harmful to the environment and major cities know it. More and more cities throughout the United States have begun implementing a bag tax or demanding that shops get rid of plastic bags altogether. The shift to bulk reusable bags isn't just a trend, it's quickly becoming a necessity.

You look more eco-friendly

Your store could be doing countless things behind the scenes to reduce your carbon footprint. While that's commendable, you're unlikely to be congratulated by the masses. By choosing reusable grocery bags, however, it serves as a reminder to the customer that your business is devoted to sustainability. They're an in-store reminder that your business cares about the environment. This looks great for you and it serves double duty by helping the environment. You'll also be removing your plastic bag waste from the environment; when a customer sees one of your plastic bags floating through the wind, they will think your business results in pollution. This problem will be avoided with your wholesale reusable bags.  

You can play around with different colors and themes

You can even have fun with festive holiday themes and seasonal versions to appeal to even more consumers. By releasing new custom bags every few months, you will not only give your customers a sort of "collectible" item, you'll appeal to people who have different styles and preferences. Try changing up the sizes of your custom bags by offering a reusable wine bag option. 

Reusable bags do more than just help the environment; they help your business grow and thrive. When a plastic bag is only used for around 25 minutes, a reusable bag will help your business for a lifetime.