More California Cities Ban Plastic Bags

October 03, 2013
While communities all across the Southwest and Pacific Northwest are banning plastic bags, California has the highest number of cities that are doing away with single-use sacks. The latest is Redwood City, which joins East Palo Alto in San Mateo County in charging 10 cents per bag starting on October 2. Already, wholesale shopping bags are making its way up in Northern California. The first rollout of the law is the less stringent version for residents. By January, the ten cents becomes a quarter for every single-use bag the consumer picks up at the store. Clear single-use bags are going to become obsolete in California in the near future while plastic bag bans and taxes continue to triumph, and custom shopping bags are serving as the replacement for business owners who want to fill the void. Now that so many people are turning to reusable bags, storeowners are buying wholesale shopping bags with their company name and logo on them as an affordable way to advertise. Business owners buying custom shopping bags will associate themselves with many positive things. On the one hand, lovers of the environment will think of your business as proactive supporter of green issues, but everyone, no matter their opinion of the bag bans will have the same sentiment, that you are providing a practical solution. Consumers always appreciate a company’s generosity, and storeowners who design and give away custom shopping bags will be highly regarded in the marketplace. Companies have to launch major ad campaigns at great expense to achieve that goal, but it is possible with a small investment in eco-friendly reusable shopping bags. California will soon be a state entirely without plastic bags. The sooner you put one of your company’s bags in customer’ hands, the better. For more information or to receive a quote please visit or contact us at 800.255.0885 with any questions.