New Mexico’s Capital Latest to Ban Plastic Bags

September 12, 2013
In what’s become a bona fide wave sweeping across the country, Santa Fe became the latest city to ban plastic bags. The decision means one more state capital is heading toward a greener future, and initiating an era in which eco-friendly reusable shopping bags will be the norm. Along with Austin, the capital of Texas, Santa Fe is deciding to lead on the issue as the state capital of New Mexico. As with every such ban on wasteful plastic bags, the opposition has remarked how reusable bags take more energy to produce, and how they’re a much bigger burden on the environment. If they’re being used once or twice, that would be true. But after all, the average city dweller uses 400-500 plastic bags a year. Replacing that number of bags with a few eco-friendly reusable shopping bags is a huge boost for the environment and there’s no question this reduction in waste is a positive. For places such as Santa Fe, the solution of turning to wholesale shopping bags is so easy. With just one or two bags per person, shoppers can end the use of thousands of plastic bags per family every year. Keeping a few in the car is a foolproof method to remember to bring them to the store and stashing them in your purse or briefcase is equally effective. Business owners who want to order personalized grocery bags, especially from a leading provider such as Holden Bags -whom assures 100% eco-friendly reusable shopping bags with the highest quality- should never settle for second best. Plastic bags were a scourge in Santa Fe, as they had been in Los Angeles, Austin, San Francisco, and Seattle. Getting rid of them is excellent for everyone concerned. Business owners who order wholesale shopping bags with their company name on them can be associated with this positive change. It’s advertising the easy way, by standing up for the environment and making it easy for your customers to join you. An excellent promotional endeavor is giving away personalized grocery bags for increased exposure and word of mouth. You’ll associate saving resources with saving money. It’s a gift that continues to give: Anyone who’d like to avoid the 10-cent surcharge on paper bags will always keep them close. It’s taken a long time, but the future is finally here. For more information about our reusable shopping bags or to get a quote please visit .