Paper or Plastic? There’s a Superior Third Option

August 12, 2013
[caption id="attachment_324" align="alignleft" width="195" caption="Custom Shopping Bags from"]Custom Shopping Bags[/caption] Plastic bag bans are hitting cities across the country, but opponents to this trend are confusing the debate on at least one count. When a plastic bag tax or outright ban is proposed, opponents deliver statistics on the damning effects of paper bags, their assumed replacement. Paper bags are not the solution. Environmentally friendly grocery bags are the superior third option. When someone tells you a plastic ban would be horrible for the environment, citing the effects of paper, keep the real solution in mind. Paper bags, like their plastic counterparts, do take a great deal of resources to produce and transport. These actions take place merely to give people a bag to bring home groceries. That’s not a terribly important function, yet the waste created is significant. On the positive side, paper bags will biodegrade. Plastic bags will not, and they are worse in the long term for the environment. Reusable shopping bags eliminate the need for both paper and plastic. When you get to the store these days, they don’t give you much of an option. It’s usually only plastic. Then these bags get mishandled, and end up polluting the oceans – as well as different neighborhoods – while on their way to their endless existence. Eco-friendly reusable shopping bags are never discarded. They are inexpensive and serve countless uses. Why are there two other options? Plastic bag manufacturers want business to continue, so they say it will kill commerce. Many countries in Europe and Africa have banned plastic bags as well as many cities in the U.S. Business has not ended in these places, and business owners seem to love the solution. They order custom shopping bags with the company name and logo. The next thing you know, people are walking around town with the custom shopping bags, promoting a business as innovative and respectful to the environment. It’s a terrific option, as green as it is business-friendly. Soon enough, it might be the only option. For more information about eco-friendly shopping bags from Holden Bags please visit