Paper, Plastic, or Something Better? Why Reusable Shopping Bags are Becoming the Only Shopping Bag Selection

December 24, 2012
Paper or plastic? Such a basic question, such an easy answer – until now. If you haven’t ever pondered your response to one of life’s most familiar questions, the introduction of reusable grocery bags will cause you to deliberate just a bit more. Because generally – at the checkout line – don’t you usually just go with what sounds good at the time? Paper? Sure. Plastic? Why not. When it comes to the key factors that make up the pros and cons of each option, chances are you probably couldn’t care less; the reasons for choosing paper over plastic, or vice versa, may be nothing more than simple personal preference. So what if you had the option for a third alternative – something that makes shopping easier, and is much better for the environment? Would that make you rethink your decision? Reusable shopping bags are that third option, providing convenience and an environmentally friendly solution; one that more and more people are choosing each and every day. But why does it even matter? Well, take a minute to really think about your shopping bag decision. How many times do you go grocery shopping per month? And have you ever been the only person in the grocery store? No! Everybody has the need to shop, and they need to do so on a weekly basis. So wrap your head around how many people are choosing paper or plastic throughout the course of a day…it really is a staggering amount. While paper and plastic bags have served their purpose, the durability with each selection leaves much to be desired. They can usually perform well enough to get your groceries from point A to point B – and you might even be able to recycle paper or plastic bags for another use down the road. But after that, straight to the recycle bin they go. And how about their “handleability?” We’ve all had fingers turn purple from trying to carry seven heavy plastic bags on each hand, and it’s tough getting away with carrying more than a few full paper bags at any given time. Eco-friendly reusable shopping bags are just as the name implies. The environment benefits from not having to store bags in landfills for what could be an eternity – thanks to the great lengths it takes for a plastic or paper bag to decompose. Not to mention the millions of trees that are cut down to meet the demand for paper shopping bags (14 million trees per year to be exact). But you, the shopper, also benefit from reusable grocery bags. They are convenient, sturdy, durable, and usually can carry more or just as much as plastic and paper alternatives. In the end, it is no longer a question of paper or plastic – in fact, it’s not even a question at all anymore. Reusable shopping bags will soon replace their polluting counterparts, allowing for shoppers – and the world in which they live – to rejoice. For more information visit or contact us at 800.255.0885 with any questions or quote.