Personalized Bags: The Green Way to Promote Holiday Shopping

November 04, 2013
As the holiday season kicks into gear, you can almost feel Mother Nature recoil at the idea of all the plastic bags, packaging, and other materials that will be used and discarded in the act of gift giving. No one wants to be a Grinch during “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” but there are ways to be festive and green at the same time. For business owners, picking up wholesale reusable shopping bags for customers is an easy way to get the job done. Reusable bags with your company name and logo displayed across the front will get around and give your business attention this holiday season. Most of your customers may already be accustomed to carrying reusable bags, but sometimes the flurry of activity during shopping and planning can get them out of their routine. Offering customers personalized shopping bags with allow them to remember the environment in the midst of the holiday chaos. Wholesale reusable shopping bags do more than save a vast amount of single-use plastic bags from entering the waste stream. It is also a great marketing tactic to pick up personalized shopping bags and let your customers do the promoting on their own. When it comes to the environment, you’ll find that many people are ready to do their part. Several billions of the plastic bags wasted every year actually enter the ecosystem during the holidays. Why not cut that number down to size? Though most of the packaging for gifts can be recycled, starting with the most wasteful part – the bags transporting the gifts – is a way to make an immediate impact. Pick up personalized shopping bags and eliminate the waste while watching your brand get advertised throughout the holiday season. For more information visit